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Feedback on the Seminars

"I'm still thinking about Saturday; you're a very engaging presenter and the seminar was extremely informative. I have been writing and orchestrating for years, but I've never thought of some of your systematic methods. Things like "pads" I didn't even have a name for!"


"Thanks again for another awesome seminar!" 


"They've really been a great series. Can't wait for the next round!"


"Just sayin Hi , the seminar was awesome!"


"Thanks Norman. Was a great and inspirational seminar. Always nice when you can immediately apply the knowledge."


"It was such a fantastic seminar today. You just made music analysis much easier, and I would love to apply your analysis method to other scores. Thank you for showing us the great way to study music!"


"That was just great yesterday!  Sorry I needed to run before telling you how much I enjoyed it, and how much I felt that seeing the comparisons of the versions gives clarity.  You are right, it needs a whole book!  Let me know- I’ll get a copy!"


"Thank you again for including me in your seminars! I’ve learned so much over the past four weeks that it’s going to take some time to process."


"Watching your seminars has been a blast, Norman! So much learned and so much food for thought. Thank you for the colossal amount of work you've put into preparing each of them."


"I really enjoyed your session."


"Thank you so much for the orchestration seminars you gave during past four Saturdays, I was very happy to meet you and learn from you."


"I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your seminars; I did get busy and couldn’t attend to the last 2, but enjoyed the one I attended. I also checked the Stravinsky one through the video you sent and really enjoyed it."

"Awesome ! Couldn't wait for the videos last night ! Just wanna say they are really awesome! I really think this is so cool how your breaking down this book piece by piece.Thanks Norman."

"Just letting you know that I’m enjoying the class…"


"The first class was great! I've done the assignments, it was interesting, really."


"I’m thoroughly enjoying the course so far and look forward to the next class links. Thank you so much for letting me join your class.  It was extremely interesting and have also enjoyed meeting other students online.  I’ll look forward to seeing your accompanying book as your discussion and commentary on each of these pieces was the most interesting part of the course."


"I took a master class from him. He is the real deal and he is amazing."


"I took Norman’s’ orchestration class at the Musicians Union 47 back in the summer of 2008. He is the real deal, amazing. I will contact you next year teacher to continue. All best!"


"I fully appreciate your teachings and your passion for music and hope I can continue learning from you very soon!"


"Great work on the new course! Very happy to see you incorporating some movie music into it."


"Absolutely! Love it. You are the perfect person to present this wonderful book."


"I never expected such a great opportunity I would have while I was preparing my visa petition. Now I have found a direction to go with a new weapon of composing."


"First of all I'd like to thank you for the wonderful 20th Century class. I found the lectures, score review, and assignments all very mind-opening.  Also the video access was very helpful since I work and travel quite a bit."


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