Anthology Volume Three-Film Music

Anthology Volume Three - Film Music Book

Note: All scores are original orchestral scores, not take downs or arrangements.



Psycho (1960) Bernard Herrmann-Horror


Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Maurice Jarre-Adventure


To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)Elmer Bernstein-Family


Planet of the Apes (1962) Jerry Goldsmith-Science Fiction


Jaws (1975 ) John Williams-Thriller

1941 (1979) John Williams – Military


Born on the Fourth of July (1993) John Williams-Drama

Jurassic Park (1993) John Williams-Suspense


Silverado (1998) Bruce Broughton-Western


Road to Perdition (2002) Thomas Newman-Film Noir

King Kong (2005) James Newton Howard-Action


Pan’s Labyrinth (2011) Javier Navarrete-Dark Fantasy


300 pages of film music, scores, exercises, analyses, tips for scoring, orchestration pointers, Hollywood Scoring Techniques, and terminology.

N.B. Some of the scores in the print version are on the small size, as these are older scores. If this is an issue, then please purchase the  e-book where the pages can be enlarged.

The book does NOT include the audio tracks for these cues, which are available on iTunes and Youtube.


300 pages. 



Link to Dropbox folder with mockups of

Road to Perdition and Pan's Labyrinth