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Seminar 1

Developing Variation

Seminar 1

Seminar 1

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A talk on how to develop your material - the single most important part of any composer’s skill set.

​Selections from composers: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Ravel, James Newton Howard, Rossini, Herrmann, Debussy, Coltrane, Mahler, Williams, and Copland.

Topics covered: What is a Motive? - The Phrase - Techniques of Development - Repetition - Sequence - Form - Rhythm - Orchestration - Reharmonization - Register

85 minutes


Seminar 2

Examining film scores

Seminar 2: John Williams

Seminar 2: John Williams

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A chance to listen to, and learn about, several magnificent movie scores. Special emphasis will be on discovering new techniques to incorporate into your own writing.

Selections from composers: Michael Giacchino (John Carter), John Williams (Schindler's List), Hans Zimmer (Batman Begins), Michael Kamen (Robin Hood) Elmer Bernstein (To Kill a Mockingbird), and Tom Newman (Shawshank Redemption)

Topics covered: Texture- Doubling - Orchestral Weight - Issues of Form - Highlighting - Intriguing Instrumental Combinations - Modulations - How a Composer Alters a Cue after Hearing it Live

110 minutes.